Apartmentalize ’23 SEMINARS | CRM

Apartmentalize ’23 SEMINARS

“Supplier Skills: Think, Act and Perform like a Rockstar to Grow Your Business”

Mark Kamp Marvelless Mark helped drum us through success and how to achieve it.

o  We discussed the importance of understanding what our “BUD,” or Big Unreasonable Dream was and the A, B, C and D chords of achieving rockstar success. “A” was all about taking the correct action to achieve success. “B” stood for band and the importance of creating the right relationships, culture, atmosphere and making sure you are finding the “right” people and not the “right now” people.

o Everyday people can be rockstars!

“Dirty Jobs: Training of the Next Generation of Maintenance Techs”

o The team (Lori, Chris, Doug and Brianna) began the seminar by expressing the difficulty and challenges they face when trying to find maintenance techs.

o They mentioned the importance of consistently having a 15-minute morning huddle and quick recap at end of day. 

o At the end of the discussion, I was flooded with ideas for our own company. I concluded that we need a corporate trainer and a dedicated training facility to train skilled trades. Also, having a suggestion box for employees would be greatly beneficial.

“How are You Balancing the Labor Shortage with Increasing Unit’s Supply.”

o Chris and Eddie concentrated on the topic of why employees are leaving older properties to work at new construction apartment properties.

o  On call stipends

o  $80 a paycheck + every call 10 hours

o  $5 a day + a free extra half hour (if their call takes an hour, they get paid an hour and a half)

o  $150 per week + time and a half (not stipend) and double pay for snow.

o  Time and a half + mileage (if not company vehicle)

o  Bonuses and yearly bonuses that depend on how much services and how much they do in house (example: used to pay $400 a unit to paint a unit, but now they are doing it in house to save money)

o  NOI Bonus – depends on the position 10%-5% of annual salary and paid quarterly. Different categories (turn costs, utilities) entire property splits the renewal pool.

o  Ideas for change:

o  Recruit from like-minded individuals (hotels, elderly homes, hospitals) to pull in people with similar interests.

o  Look at training programs (Youth Group America)

o  Maintenance appreciation month

o  Maintenance apprenticeship program (increase salary $10/hour)