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Ladder Safety

•    Never load a ladder with a weight more than its duty rating.  Doing so could damage the ladder and cause injury. 

•    Use a towline to bring up tools and supplies. 

•    Do not assume that a longer ladder has a higher duty rating.  There is no relationship     between length and duty rating.  Before using any ladder, check its duty rating by     looking at the sticker on the side of the ladder.  If the sticker is missing, notify your supervisor. (ANSI requires a duty rating sticker be placed on the side of every ladder). 

•    To help ensure safety when using a ladder, do not use a ladder that is too long or too short.  

    If you must stand on or above the first step from the top of a step ladder, or the third rung from the top of an extension ladder, it’s too short.  Your ladder is too long if ceiling height prohibits proper ladder set-up. 

•    Read and follow all instruction labels on the ladder. 

•    Do not try to move a ladder while on it. 

•    Completely retract the fly section of an extension ladder before moving or repositioning it. 

•    Do not use boards or boxes to give a ladder extra height. 

•    Only one person at a time should climb a ladder unless it designed to support   two people.  

•    Never use a ladder on scaffolding. 

•    Do not lean an extension ladder against boxes or any other unstable surface. 

•    Never leave a ladder unattended. 

•    Never climb a ladder when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

•    Never use a ladder for anything other than its intended purpose. 

•    Always face ladder when climbing and working.