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Summertime Blues – Maintaining Your Pool

Swimming is fun, especially for many of your guests who have waited all year to dip their toes in the clear, blue water. Maintaining the pool, however, can be anything but fun.  For many on-property maintenance departments maintaining ph levels, repairing pumps, and keeping the water crystal clear can be time-consuming and problematic. With public awareness of germs and the spread of bacteria increasing, ensuring that your swimming pool stays clean and sanitary is of the utmost importance.

CRM offers the perfect solution. By providing an on-going maintenance program, your pool remains beautiful, your guests are happy, and you stay in the good graces of regulatory authorities.

Here are five tips for maintaining your pool and keeping it sparkling clean:

  • Develop Checklists.  The best way to get things done is to write them down. Tasks like general cleaning and skimming, testing the water, checking the equipment, and treating the water are routine maintenance items that can be easily checked off the task list.
  • Vacuum your Pool Correctly.  While vacuuming is routine maintenance, it’s a task that shouldn’t be rushed.  Fully submerge the hose, being careful not to suck up large pockets of air, and slowly move the vacuum in overlapping motions. Keep an eye on the tubing during the process to avoid problems.
  • Check Equipment Regularly. Ladders, steps, and railings can be potential hazards. Frequent inspections keep things safe and aesthetically-appealing.
  • Keep Your Stainless-Steel Gleaming. Your pool’s chemicals can cause damage to your stainless steel. A quality polish followed by a wax treatment will keep your stainless-steel gleaming while protecting against corrosion.
  • Use the Right Cleaning Products. When cleaning the deck, tile, grating, grout, and surrounding areas, be sure to use chemicals that are safe to the human touch. While clean, shiny surfaces are the goal, safety comes first.

Our trained professionals at CRM will help you stay worry-free and your pool fully functional.  We handle concerns beyond simple maintenance making sure your pool is free of debris, chemically balanced and that your mechanical system is operating at peak performance.

Beat the summertime blues. Call the experts at CRM for a worry-free, maintenance-free summer.