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Tips from the Pros: Landscaping Tips for Late Summer/Early Fall

It’s hard to believe that we are transitioning into fall. School is starting, football is on the way, and soon the days will begin to get shorter and the weather, a little cooler.

As the summer season begins to wind down, it’s essential to prepare your landscape for the cooler weather. Here are a few landscaping tips from the pros at CRM Services.

  • Prepare Your Compost.

Remove dead or dying branches, annuals, and leaves. Place the debris in two piles. Throw away those that are insect-infested or diseased. Place the remainder in a compost pile that you can use in the spring.

  • Plant Perennials.

Now is the perfect time to plant perennials such as angelica, salvia, and aster. These low-maintenance, lovely flowers work well in most climates. As you plant, separate your existing spring and summer-blooming plants into different areas. Perennials with roots that spread are the best candidates for separation. You can divide and replant any plants that are healthy, young on the outside or have dead growth in the middle.

  • Consider Adding Additional Shrubs and Trees to your Landscape.

Late summer is an excellent time to plant additional shrubs and trees. Check with your local nursery. This is a great time to find them on sale. In addition to the price, the soil is more workable after the summer heat. Use them as a border around your property. It will typically take them until winter sets in to take root.

  • Help Your Battered Lawn Recover.

Some areas of your property may show wear from the summer’s heavy foot traffic. Fertilize needy areas to help the grass recover. Be sure to rake off the dead grass and loosen the soil before you fertilize.

  • Your Grassy Areas Need a Break.

After a summer of wear and tear, now is the time to let your grass grow a little taller than usual. Raise the mower blade to keep your lawn healthy, but beware. You don’t want to mow the lawn more than one-third the height of the grass blade.

  • Keep the Soil Moist.

It’s easy to forget to keep the soil moist. This is especially important for your newly planted perennials and shrubs. If mother nature fails to provide adequate rain, assist with sprinklers.

  • Protect Your Landscape.

Even the southeast gets some cold, icy weather on occasion. Wrap shrub branches with twine during the fall to prevent them from breaking under the weight of winter’s forces. Here’s a hint: secure the string to the shrub’s trunk and then wrap in an upward spiral. Repeat the same wrap process but in a downward spiral when you start at the top. Tie the twine to the shrub trunk.

You can similarly protect your hedges from any surprise cold weather by lightly clipping the sides and tapering them upward.

  • Prepare for Weeds Now

Weeds are landscape killers and can wreak havoc on your property. Since they are germinating during late summer/early fall, they are easier to kill during this time of year.

Let us help you keep your landscape beautiful year-round. Call the experts at CRM for a maintenance-free fall and a beautiful spring!