For property managers, spring may very well be one of the busiest times of the year.  Seasonal renters and students are vacating properties, vacationers are making plans for summer, and after a long, hard winter the grounds are overdue for some tender loving care.  

Where do you start?  Let’s look at the top five areas for springtime maintenance:

Pressure washing. While many companies/individuals try to do this themselves, it is a good idea to hire a professional. DIY may be cheaper, but not better.  Look for a company with experience in this area and choose one that uses a low-pressure, soft wash to safely remove mold, dirt, grime, and debris.  High-pressure washing can damage the structure by pushing dirt and grime further beneath the surface.

Landscaping.  While spring is a great time to spruce up, it’s also the time to get on a regular schedule for grounds maintenance.  The goal is to make your property look pristine and vibrant throughout the year. While removing debris and undergrowth is a must, spring is also the time for fertilizing, weed control and planting.  Create curb appeal that leaves guests talking!

Pool Maintenance.  Ensure that your pool is clean and safe with pumps running properly and chemicals expertly applied.  Will your pool stand up to the scrutiny of guests and health officials?  Are you in compliance with the code? Is your pool area attractively outfitted with umbrellas, tables, chairs, and lounges? Summer beckons. Does your pool?

HVAC.  Spring HVAC maintenance should include professional inspections, repairs, and adjustments that ensure your air conditioner or heat pump will function properly at its highest level of efficiency throughout the upcoming cooling season.  Scheduled maintenance is key to top performance. Regular maintenance results in increased energy efficiency while decreasing your monthly utility bill.

Carpet Cleaning. The winter months tend to be the hardest on facility carpets. Moisture, mud, and debris are ground deeper into the fiber, marring the appearance and often causing long-term damage. More than just spot removal, professional cleaning will remove dirt, stains, and allergens leaving your carpet looking renewed and refreshed. Regular cleanings not only improve appearance but will extend the life of your carpet.  Don’t stop with the carpet. Have the professionals clean upholstery, draperies, and blinds for the same benefits.

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