Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for every job you do? Now it’s possible!

The CRM rewards program offers registered customers the opportunity to earn points for entrusting the Company with their jobs.

Choosing from an online catalog, clients select from a wide variety of merchandise that includes travel, events, and an assortment of consumer goods.

“It’s easy and fun,” said Kelli Chandler, CRM’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

“The program started April 1 and rewards customers for doing business with us. From changing a light bulb to a major renovation project, points are awarded for each job we do. The more work a client does with us, the more they earn. The program is free, and enrollment is voluntary. Our computer system automatically keeps track of points, so clients don’t have to maintain or punch a card. It couldn’t be easier!” she continued.

CRM’s award points are calculated monthly and may be redeemed at any time during the life of the program. Points may even be used as gifts and shipped to an address other than the client’s own.

“We are committed to providing comprehensive property repair, maintenance and construction solutions for our customers throughout the U.S. We value every client and appreciate every job, large or small. This program is our way of saying ‘thank you’,” said Keith Errico, CRM’s President.

For more information on the rewards program, contact Kelli Chandler at CRM via email, [email protected] or via phone, 843-957-1442.

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